How to Install the Latest Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft released the latest tax update for Microsoft Dynamics GP during mid-March, which including an update for North Dakota. As a Microsoft partner based in North Dakota, we've been receiving a lot of questions on how to install the update.


To install the updated tax tables, you’ll need to log into GP as SA.

When you click on the GP icon to log in, right click and choose run as administrator.  Once you’re in GP, click on Microsoft Dynamics GP > Maintenance > US Payroll Updates > Check for Tax updates.

Then choose Automatic and enter your company main phone number.  To confirm the tax tables have been updated, go to Administration > Setup > System > Payroll Tax and enter FED or use the lookup.  The last tax update date should be 03/09/18.


All tax updates are completed in this same way. Each time there is a release, you'll receive an announcement from Microsoft and from DFC Consultants (if you subscribe to our monthly newsletter or if you're a current customer). It's important to install these updates in order to have the most up-to-date and accurate information in your system. There is no charge to update or upgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP if your current on your annual enhancement fee.

Reach out to the team at DFC Consultants if you have any questions.


By Deb Schaffer, DFC Consultants

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