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#Technical | Platform and system-wide enhancements for Dynamics GP 2018

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On December 1st, Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2018 after improving on existing features based on end-user and partner feedback. The GP 2018 release enhances specific areas of the product, while also expanding existing functionality, notably in the document attachment and workflow areas. The user experience has also been improved to make finding the information you need to make business decisions faster and easier. In this post we will discuss platform and system-wide enhancements.

In previous versions of Dynamics GP, users were prompted to log in multiple times during a single session, when accessing different system windows. With the release of Dynamics GP 2018, users only need to enter the system password once during an active session when working in multiple system windows.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 expands the availability of the document attachment capability to additional master record windows, inquiries, and transaction entry windows. There is also an option to attach new documents in inquiry windows. Document attachment is available in in additional transaction entry windows and in master record windows, as shown below:


Additional transaction entry window

Master record windows

Document attachment has been added to the following windows for GP 2018







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