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Demystify Dynamics AX 2012 Security

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Building roles and implementing strong security in AX can be a daunting task, many times, we hear that customers do not know where to start when designing or developing their security. The audit team at Fastpath created a tool to assist in designing security roles for Dynamics AX 2012.

Security design is an important part of any security setup. Roles in Dynamics AX were designed for ease of access, not segregation of duties. You can use this worksheet to recognize where you have conflicts, and build better roles to fit your company's needs.

AX 2012 Security Overview

The security model within AX is a hierarchy-based structure; privileges are assigned to duties, which are assigned to roles. Roles are the only security layer assigned to users and privileges are the only security layer that assigned to actual securable objects within the system. The security matrix provided by Fastpath is setup at the duty level as this is the most used security layer where access is assigned.

Matrix Overview

The matrix provided by Fastpath has a number of different tabs.

Default Security – shows the out of the box role -> duty -> privilege assignments that are present in AX

Next you will see duties broken out into the different AX areas/modules, these include:

  • Assets
  • Case Management
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Human Capital
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Payroll
  • Project
  • Purchasing
  • Reporting-BI
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Service
  • System

All Duties – shows a listing of all out of the box duties that are present in AX

Matrix Instructions

  • Select an area/module you would like to develop a role for
  • Enter the name of the role in the top bar
  • Now navigate down the duties, placing an ‘X’ in the rows were a user should be able to perform that duty/task
  • Once done, you can use this document as a guide to create your security within AX

Note: Since this is an Excel document, all sorting, filtering and other Excel operations are available. Click here to download the matrix.

Alex Meyer, Fastpath

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