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Iris Schimke, Express Information Systems (Texas Microsoft Dynamics Partner)

Choosing the Right Technology Partner

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    If you’ve been questioning your relationship with your current technology partner, here is some advice that will encourage you.

    As your business grows, so do your technology needs. The most basic of those needs is an expert to guide you through the jungle of new and powerful technology that is out there just waiting to help you spring ahead to meet your new goals. The technology partner that has helped you up till now may be great at what he’s been doing but just not equipped to forge ahead.

    How do you know if you’re not with the right partner and it’s time to move on?

    Here are three signs you may recognize:

    1) Your project isn’t as easy or cost-effective as you were led to believe.

    Maybe you shopped for the “perfect” software solution price or engaged with a tech vendor after a friendly sales call. You may have been assured that your project was going to be effortless and affordable. It’s possible you were getting in on a low, promotional first-time-customer rate or were dazzled by a speedy implementation timeframe. Regardless, the project isn’t going the way you hoped.

    2) Too many questions, too few answers.

    Some technology vendors are better than others at keeping their customers in the loop. You should know where your project stands, what are the reasons for delay, and what to expect moving forward. When your questions aren’t answered, and your solution isn’t benefiting you the way you think it should, it’s time to think about making a change.

    3) Unpleasant surprises.

    IT project costs can easily go over budget. One reason this might happen is that your partner didn’t ask the right questions up-front to truly understand not only your technology requirements but your business processes and what you hoped to accomplish with your new solution. When your IT budget and the vendor’s cost structures are not worked out in the beginning, or communication breaks down, or project scope is not adequately managed, you risk experiencing both time and cost overruns. Your partner should have the knowledge and experience to prevent this in all but the most unique situations.

    Move forward with confidence.

    Regardless of the cause of your discontent, the strategic value of your investment and your team’s morale is on the line. They need to be assured that they can accomplish their goals and truly benefit from your technology as your organization moves ahead. And they need to know that your technology partner is working for you.

    So where can you go from here?

    Download your free Guide to Finding the Right-Sized Technology Partner. You’ll learn more about the tech vendor challenges growing companies can face as well as what to look for in your next vendor relationship.

    By Express Information Systems


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    1. Syed says:

      Nice article…Indeed sometimes the cost can easily go up on a long term projects, hence proper planning with the help of industry experts is required

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