Service Management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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When you think of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, what immediately comes to mind?  Of course, you know that NAV is a first-rate business management solution that automates and streamlines business processes including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, and more. But do you know about NAV’s Service Management capabilities?

Many service systems can handle the simple tasks of scheduling and recording activities, but they fall short in some critical areas. If you want to really keep on top of service management, you need a comprehensive ERP solution.  Most enterprise systems don’t have a good service management system built in, but NAV does. Dynamics NAV’s service management system handles service contracts, service orders, scheduling, dispatching, and much more.  It can even manage your inventory and post updates to accounting automatically.

Especially with service-related issues, it’s important to provide access to your team in the field. Your NAV solution is mobile and can be accessed wherever there is internet access.  It can be run as an app on any of the three major mobile OSs.  The app allows you access to the same features on your mobile devices that you use while working in your office. Do virtually everything in the app that you can do in the standard client.  Do you have technicians in the field? Mobile access is crucial for them. It saves their time, your money, and everyone’s frustration.  If you need offline access, you can add a product like Anveo, which is a natural extension of NAV that supports data synch.

Dynamics NAV is a complete system, but with its open framework, it allows you to benefit from a vast variety of add-ons designed to naturally extend its capabilities to meet your specific business needs. You no longer have to worry about the frustration of keeping up with service management issues. Data is processed, reports are issued and sent directly to accounting, so everyone knows what’s going on.

So, if you have a service company and you want to make everything more efficient and more productive for your teams – from field workers to accounting to management, you ought to consider Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an enterprise system that brings all the functionality your business requires together in one solution.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, contact our experts at iNECTA. 800-632-0573

By iNECTA, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Gold Certified Partner




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