Gartner/Forbes: Transitioning to Microsoft's Azure cloud

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Transitioning to Microsoft's Azure cloud

Transitioning to Microsoft's Azure cloud

One of the successful predictions of digital devices and the IoT is Gartner's claim that by 2020  "smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15%."

What that means today for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) in the Microsoft Azure cloud, according to a Forbes overview on Microsoft's D365 "software suite" is more opportunity for businesses to "get a complete picture" on most every aspect of their business.

It's all about creating 'more opportunities.'

Designed to couple the power of both an ERP and CRM platform in a single (bundled) software, D365 pulls in data from what once were isolated silos of information

Retailers, for example, can bring a more "insightful shopping experience" to their customers by integrating (real-time) CRM data with "back-office operations" (ERP) better gauge customer satisfaction; this, through understanding inventory availability, or translating (CRM) customers preferences from direct interaction on social media, blogs and website.

D365 can facilitate a retailer's in-store loyalty programs, as well as gift cards and special promotions.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant nod to D365

As a cloud (SaaS) platform, D365, according to a Microsoft report to Gartner, represents the Redmond Giant's bid to "reposition its customer service software" within this platform.

Moreover, while Microsoft Dynamic 365's on-premise deployment remains a solid solution for "larger and more complex customer service" instances, Microsoft is expected to conclude its "seamless transition" of its CRM offering by the end of 2017.

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