What to expect when you’re expecting the cloud version of NAV

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What to expect when you’re expecting the cloud version of NAV

Microsoft has the ERP/accounting world all abuzz as software consultants try to determine what the company’s next product will encompass. Microsoft has already announced that project “Tenerife,” which is expected to release later this spring, will be a combination of the cloud accounting technology introduced in Dynamics 365 and the full ERP functionality available in Dynamics NAV.

Everyone is trying to guess at what exactly that means. Here’s our best-educated guess at what we can expect from Dynamics “Tenerife” when it debuts later this spring:

1. A ‘killer’ fully NAV, fully cloud accounting option

As we already mentioned, Microsoft is touting this new offering as a cloud accounting solution, this time with all the functionality already available in its on-premise Dynamics NAV product. NAV itself is a tried-and-true product with more than 110,000 customers worldwide. In fact, it’s the global favorite from the Dynamics line of ERP solutions, making it a natural choice for Microsoft’s move into cloud ERP.

2. Fewer errors with ‘third’ version of Tenerife

Dynamics 365 was already a limited offering of a cloud version of Dynamics NAV. That means Tenerife (the project’s tentative name) is essentially already the third version of the product — preceded by Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365.

Why should you care? We all know that the first on the scene with new tech – especially in the software world – is also the first to experience the problems, all those headache-inducing bugs. This time we expect very few errors in Tenerife since it’s based on an already-existing product that’s gone through the trials and worked out the kinks.

3. High interest in low monthly payments

Already, Dynamics 365 has generated high interest from companies wishing to maximize their accounting resources with minimal cost. Dynamics 365 operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product available for a low monthly cost — no large, up-front software cost needed. Like all cloud-based solutions, it also requires no hardware or maintenance, making it a dream come true for accountants looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Tenerife is expected to the be the same but with better functionality. In other words, it will be a fully functioning cloud-based ERP product with a rich feature set available at a low (and set) monthly cost. What could possibly be better?

4 Already cloud-proven strategies

The latest quarterly earnings report from Microsoft records high growth in its cloud computing offerings. Overall, the company’s Intelligent Cloud revenue increased 15% and Azure revenue alone rose 98%, proof that the company knows what it’s doing in the cloud.

In fact, Forbes contributor Bob Evans maintains that Microsoft is winning what he calls “the cloud wars,” beating out Amazon, IBM, SalesForce and SAP as the #1 Cloud Computing Vendor.

With more companies moving to the cloud for key business operations over the last 10 years, it was just a matter of time before Microsoft joined the throes. But instead of offering a mediocre comparable solution, the company has tested the limits of innovation and once again made its spot at the top clear. All that gives credence to the idea that Microsoft can indeed put forth a great cloud solution for its accounting-savvy clientele.

Why we’re so excited about Tenerife's cloud accounting solution

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re super excited about the upcoming release of Tenerife. Microsoft is solidifying itself in the future of ERP technology with a fully functioning cloud accounting solution. We expect this to be the wave of the future, and we can’t wait to offer you such a forward-thinking, feature-rich solution to help you manage your company’s finances.

To make the product even more enticing to potential buyers, Microsoft is encouraging its resale partners to add their own creative functionality based on industry-specific needs. For Boyer & Associates, choosing that area of focus was easy: Nonprofits has always been an area where we have excelled.

We’re working hard to listen to your needs and come up with a tailored solution that will help you solve the problems you care about most at your nonprofit organization.

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