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4 Signs Your Fitness Club Has Outgrown QuickBooks

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    Growing fitness clubs don’t have time to deal with the hang-ups and workarounds of antiquated accounting systems. When you expand from 1 to 10 locations, and then from 10 to 20, manual, and error-prone processes are no longer just a nuisance—they’re a major problem. You’re moving forward, but if you can relate to these common issues, your QuickBooks system may be holding you back . . . 

    1.       You can’t scale for growth

    As your club continues to expand into new locations and markets that often brings the need for more people, more productivity, and more collaboration within corporate and to all your locations to increase member loyalty and drive demand for new memberships. Having an accounting system that’s not fit for your growth can choke your business with transaction limits and database limitations and make it difficult to give your employees the right access to information.

    2.       You can’t easily analyze data

    Instead of looking at reports showing past performance, your club needs valuable insight into current trends and to leverage information to drive your business growth. With QuickBooks, you’re exporting data from all your locations and then manually reporting through excel, but with the right solution, you’ll gain full visibility and true business intelligence into what’s driving profitability on a club-by-club basis and have it at your fingertips. You’ll be able to turn those profits into cashflow to support your growth.

    3.       You have concerns about member satisfaction and loyalty

    If you’re using QuickBooks to manage your finances, you likely cannot integrate into other business systems your club uses for contract & vendor management, payroll, CRM, membership & billing and more. In-order to compete in the hyper-competitive fitness industry, you need finely tuned, fully integrated business systems so your clubs can focus on creating the best member experience possible.

    4.       You're dealing with time-consuming manual processes

    As your club continues to expand to new locations, your business processes become more complex. With entry level accounting software like QuickBooks, your people are likely spending days’ worth of time performing simple processes like month-end closing, remote unit role-up, reporting and more. With business process automation, you’re ready to scale with your club’s growth and expansion.

    If these signs sound all too familiar, it may be time for a change. Read this case study to learn how California Family Fitness streamlined processes and scaled for growth when they ditched QuickBooks for Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

    Since 2001, BroadPoint has helped over 600 organizations, including fitness centers and health clubs, deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP. Learn more about how we can help you streamline your finances and operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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