2 document management strategies to streamline an audit

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As if tax season weren't stressful enough, many of us also have to deal with the threat of a potential audit looming over our heads. There are few more terrifying words in the English language than the word "audit," right? Luckily, the power of a document management solution, like MetaViewer, can make an audit much easier and even painless. "How?" you ask.

Well, when shopping around for a paperless automation solution, one of the most important features to look for is versatility. It should do so much more than automate processes and streamline procedures. In fact, the right automation solution will offer benefits and enhancements across your enterprise, often in ways you never could have imagined.

MetaViewer is just one example of one of these paperless automation solutions, and it offers two different strategies that you can choose to deploy if your organization happens to undergo an audit.

  1. PDF-it: Export a list of the appropriate documents as a PDF within a certain date range, or using other requested parameters, and send this list to the auditor. Once exported as a PDF, the documents are searchable so the auditor can easily search for and find the information they’re looking for. You can pull search results based on the factors your auditor wants to see by setting up a custom search in MetaViewer. You can also select the information you want displayed, like GL information and audit trails such as who approved or coded, etc.
  2. Set up the auditor as a temporary user: MetaViewer also gives you the ability to set up an auditor as a temporary user with restricted access. This allows them to do their own document search, allowing you to be hands-off after you’ve selected the appropriate date range and other parameters.

A simplified audit that won’t consume days of your time or leave anyone pulling their hair out? That makes the word "audit" much less frightening. Whether you choose to use MetaViewer or another document management solution, make sure to check with your sales representative to see if there is a strategy you can put into place to help out in the event of an audit this year and beyond.

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