12 Signs You Need to Replace Your Accounting Software

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Your accounting software probably served your business well, back when you first implemented it. But your business is growing, your needs are changing, and great progress has been made in ERP accounting solutions. To remain competitive, you need to keep up.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade or replace your accounting system? We’ve identified 12 signs that will make it clear to you:

  1. Your system is no longer supported, or end of support is imminent.
  2. Maintenance and upgrades of your system are difficult.
  3. User complaints about system and system performance are rising.
    • Reports take too long to generate.
    • Data is difficult to extract.
    • Report writing is difficult.
    • No “what if analysis.”
    • Screens take a long time to refresh.
  4. You need features beyond basic accounting that your accounting system does not provide (distribution or manufacturing capabilities).
  5. Business processes are inefficient.
    • You are increasingly using Microsoft Office and manual processes (paper) to support business processes.
    • Processes are not standardized.
  6. You have many disparate information sources – non-integrated systems (e.g. ACT! for CRM, Quickbooks for Accounting, Excel for Distribution and Orders).
  7. You are performing many manual reconciliations in your system.
  8. Employees are adding non-authorized software to the system.
  9. Service levels for delivering information to partners and customers is poor.
  10. You are developing highly customized software solutions between applications.
  11. You are contemplating hiring programmers to write new functions into your software.
  12. You are logging more support calls to the software vendor.

Do any of these symptoms sound like what’s going on with your accounting system? We can help you bring your system and processes up to date with efficient, intelligent technology designed to automate your accounting processes and drive your business forward.

Contact our experts at CAL Business Solutions and let’s talk about the best way to update your systems and tackle your problem points.

Email sales@calszone.com or call 860-485-0910 x4.

By CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com

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