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Synergy Business Solutions

Whitepaper on How ERP Software Improves Manufacturing Operations

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Building on Nucleus Research’s independent evaluation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Synergy’s newly published white paper outlines the advancements ERP software brings to discrete manufacturing.

In short, Dynamics NAV delivers integration, visibility, streamlined production (including scheduling and MRP), improved inventory management, reporting with real-time data, and universal access. Altogether, these improvements can boost productivity 20 percent, even for sales and customer service.

The whitepaper will help companies learn how to:

  • Integrate systems so a company has one version of the truth.
  • Gain visibility into company performance.
  • Efficiently schedule and track production.
  • Automate Materials Requirement Planning (MRP).
  • Effectively manage and reduce inventory.
  • Centralize data and then create reports/dashboards based on real-time data.
  • Enable web, smart phone, and tablet access to data.
  • Better serve customers through a streamlined system.

Download the whitepaper here:

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