The varied flavors of Dynamics 365 from Microsoft

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Specific businesses need different systems – Dynamics 365 has tailor-made solutions for each industry!

Every business is unique. The industry, nature, and scale of each business guide the operations and processes that have been put in place. Likewise, the software system needs to manage the business processes and workflows are also unique to each.

Obviously, there cannot be a one size fits all software system. Organizations often have complex needs, both internal and external, and various functions within a company sometimes follow their own preferred processes.

Microsoft, with its extensive in-depth knowledge of the entire business ecosystem, has recently launched interesting offerings that cater to each type of business uniquely, making the adoption efficient and cost-effective as well.


Tailor-made Models

The latest offering, Dynamics 365, is a gamut of software services packaged into specialized suites that cater to all aspects of various business enterprises. The basis of these specialised suites comes on a rich foundation of varied flavors of Microsoft AX (for large enterprises > 500 employees), NAV (for distributors and inventory management), GP (tuned for process manufacturers), SL (suited for project-based automation in industries such as construction and consulting).

This amalgamation has led the Dynamics 365 new avatars to be revamped into two new model editions – Enterprise Edition and the Business Edition.


The Enterprise Version

If you are a large-scale organization, Enterprise Edition is what will help you the most. You can choose from either Dynamics 365 Plan (all applications in one comprehensive, cost-efficient option) or Customer Engagement Plan or  United Operations Plan


All the operations of your organization – be it sales, retail, customer service, field service, talent acquisition, finance & operations, and project management etc. can be integrated into a single unified system under the Enterprise Edition.

The Business Version

However, if you operate in an SMB space, the Enterprise Edition may be too heavy for you, both in terms of capacity and cost (~ US $ 200 per user per month). Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition, called the  Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, is the low-cost solution available for SMB’s. This is an online version, subscription-based model, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem.

What goes inside the making of Enterprise Edition are individual high-performing modules from each of GP, SL, and NAV flavors of the original suite that has been combined and fine-tuned into a single solution for any enterprise that has a maximum of 300 employees. As a result, the cost has been capped at only US$ 40 per user per month, with options to scale up and scale down as per dynamic needs.


Some key differences

Whereas the Enterprise Edition can come with flavors for on-premise as well as cloud-based online models, to get the complete benefits of the Business Edition, the SaaS model is most cost-effective. Cloud also takes away the cumbersome efforts and cost of maintenance and upgrade for an SMB. Besides this, the Azure ecosystem opens up a plethora of options and capabilities to enhance and augment your business capabilities with minimal investments in time and money. Intelligent applications, for instance, can be customised and integrated seamlessly for enhanced UX and CX engagements. Advanced analytics, business insights, project management, inventory management, finance & operations, sales, and purchasing, etc. are the core capabilities.


A whole world of new possibilities

The ERP need of an organization is no longer only about augmenting a company’s resources and workflows. Rather, it has become the base for exciting new capabilities. With Dynamics 365, scalability and flexibility become given benefits. At the same time, intelligent business process apps, machine learning, advanced analytics, performance and resource optimization, and making intelligent data-driven decisions become the key propellers forany business.

Another practical benefit of Dynamics 365 adoption is the seamless integration with software systems that may be already existing in your business systems. Whether it is One Note, Outlook, SharePoint, Skype, Office Pack favorites such as Word, PowerPoint & Excel, all can access common data stores and build comprehensive workflows that transcend all systems smoothly.

So, even if you are a small business, starting out with 20 users, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations will offer you limitless capabilities for a smooth business operation. So, you can conduct day-to-day business operations smoothly and concentrate on your business success and growth.


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