Successfully Extending your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution

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Fill in the blank: “If only my Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution would ________ .“


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a globally adopted ERP solution that's easy to use and powerful enough to support your business growth. Most of the functionality that your business needs is built right into the system. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV

But, have you ever wanted your NAV solution to do more? Perhaps you’re considering adding features, processes or functionality. If so, there are some guidelines that will help you achieve a coherent solution rather than a patchwork of fixes and add-ons.


Here’s what we suggest:

1) Know your NAV solution

Of course, you have researched, trained on and perhaps used your NAV for quite a while. But, do you really know all of its out-of-the-box built-in capabilities? Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a feature-rich ERP solution designed to accommodate the various needs of a number of industries. The Dynamics research and design teams have worked continuously to provide features that its users need and have asked for. The features you need may very well already be included (perhaps under a different name), so make sure you have exhausted your search in the base application before looking elsewhere. Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner should have the depth of knowledge and the experience to help you in your quest.

2) Work with reliable ISVs

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can help you with add-on solutions, but be sure they are deeply knowledgeable not only about their own solutions but about Dynamics NAV also. Remember, you want your system to be coherent and work smoothly as a whole. Find partners who have the same basic concept as Dynamics NAV and provide quality support. Again, your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner can help you with this step.

3) As a last resort, customize

Finally, if both the base product and ISVs cannot solve your business problem, your only option is to customize your system. This is not as drastic as it sounds, but be sure it is done right. And again, your qualified, reliable Microsoft Dynamics partner will know the best way to customize while maintaining the integrity of your NAV solution.

In the latest versions of NAV, Microsoft has introduced the concept of ‘events’ allowing developers to customize without messing with the base product.  This will allow for easier upgrades and general maintainability of the product after the customization.

So, don’t start playing around with your Dynamics NAV solution without having a game-plan. Follow the above three steps and get the most out of your ERP software. You’ll avoid ending up with a patchwork of add-ons and the headaches that might come with it, and you’ll discover how truly versatile your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution can be.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, contact our experts at iNECTA. 1-800-632-0573

By iNECTA, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Gold Certified Partner

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