New Release: GP Optimizer Winter 2018

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A new year has arrived and so has a new installment of the GP Optimizer Magazine.

As this publication moves into its sixth year of circulation, we wanted to try something new! For this Winter 2018 edition, we’ve set out to produce a magazine with cohesive content, as dictated by one overarching theme: Targeting Growth.


As you’ll soon read, each ISV has interpreted this phrase in a fun and unique way, from literal team expansion to positioning your company to excel in an ever-changing technological landscape. We hope this relatable topic will provide solutions applicable to your current business and inspiration for future endeavors!


As you scan the contents of the magazine, don’t miss our article on page 21: New Year, New Hires: How to on-board without going overboard in GP. Our team addresses how to minimize the time and money spent getting your new employees up to speed.


“Every business owner has hopes of expansion when embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. So why is the prospect of growing one’s business intimidating for so many? With growth comes change, which is the primary obstacle confronting executive teams.


When there is enough work to go around and then some, what comes next?


Chances are it is time to expand by adding one or several new members to your team. Growing your workforce is a sizable investment, one that many agonize over, considering the time and money that will go into the hiring process. Ultimately, increasing your staff is usually the best decision, as the time and money spent on a new hire will pay dividends in terms of customer service, employee stress levels, and the overall efficiency of your business. Take the leap, it’s not as scary as it seems!”


Click here to download your copy of the magazine and keep reading!


We want to thank all participating ISVs—AvidXchange, Binary Stream, Horizons International, ICAN Software, Integrity Data, JOVACO, k-eCommerce, Metafile, and Panatrack —for their help in producing this great magazine, as well as their commitment and support to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Channel.


The GP Optimizer Magazine is produced by Rockton Software, a Dynamics GP add-on provider.

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