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The Benefits of Choosing an Implementation Partner Specialized in Your Industry – Evaluating a New ERP System Checklist Item #7

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The choice of the financial management system itself is not the only decision that has to be made prior to the implementation of a new ERP solution: you also have to choose a partner that will not only be able to implement the solution, but can also guide and support you throughout the entire process.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions have a large network of Value-Added Resellers (VAR) who offer an extended array of professional services so that you can choose to work with a partner based on your specific needs. Do your homework and shop around to learn about what these different VARs have to offer: some provide end-to-end services which include infrastructure, consulting services, personalized developments and integrations, while others specialize in support and training. You may also want to look for experience and expertise in business process reengineering as this will ensure that they can optimize and configure your business processes as necessary.


Another question to consider is whether the partner is specialized in specific industries for the implementation of ERP systems. This can help make the entire project run much more smoothly: by selecting a partner who is familiar with your business processes and challenges, you ensure that they speak the same language as you, resulting in much less frustration and miscommunication. It will be easier for you to explain your expectations, your key business processes and your objectives, both in the short and long term.


An implementation partner who is familiar with your industry will also be able to tell you about new best practices and technology developments so that your organization too can benefit from them. They will also have a better idea of available industry-specific third-party products or pre-built add-ons. This way, they can suggest applications to help you meet your specific needs and business goals and overcome the challenges unique to your industry, while saving on additional development costs.


Over the past 30 years, JOVACO Solutions has worked in partnership with multiple firms in the professional services sector, namely in the accounting and engineering fields, among others, and has developed an expertise in this industry and its specific realities and business processes. JOVACO can also now meet the needs of a number of other industries after enlarging its offer in the past few years.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP integration specialist in Quebec

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