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Building and customizing your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is like building a community that meets the various needs of the individuals and processes that interact with it. Because Dynamics NAV is so adjustable, you don’t have to blueprint the entire system before you break ground. You can easily upgrade, update and adjust your solution if and when it proves necessary.


If you have not gone through an ERP implementation before, you may imagine it to be a very strict and formal approach that leaves you with “take it or leave it.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. After the project starts and sometimes well into the process, changes may be found to be necessary. Tweaks and adjustments may be what’s needed, or perhaps even customization. This shouldn’t throw you. Remember, you are building a software system that will particularly address the needs of your business and your employees. And changes don’t all have to be done at once.


Customizing your business software system is not the same thing as creating a new one.  Even though an implementation can incur significant changes and almost feel like you are developing a whole system, the concept is very different.


Go back to the analogy of building a community.  All the residents may have special requests dependent on different lifestyles. Some may be morning persons; some may stay up late.  Some require quiet surroundings, and some want to be where the action is. In order to function, cooperation and collaboration are necessary.  You are presented with a template that covers all the bases, such as bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.  There are doors, hallways and open spaces connecting the entire structure.  But you can customize as desired.


When building a community, moving doorways or driveways could require a good bit of time and not a little annoyance. However, moving a virtual doorway in Dynamics NAV should be much easier, requiring only configuring and minor customizations. If you do need moderately complex customizations, we’ll research to find out if any reliable add-ons exist to fill the need.  If not, then we can kick in some planning and design and figure out how much change is really necessary and how best to accomplish it. This is where the compromise comes in, and then we can carefully move forward.  The need to change a structure can come out of an agile workflow and might not have been foreseen at the beginning of the project.  That is why a flexible system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be an advantage.


Finally, inventing a whole new structure is a major modification. That would be like writing a new posting routine or dramatically changing the way inventory costing works.  Such major modifications should be avoided.  Be creative within the existing system and consider changing business processes instead.   As project managers, we have a duty to meet our customers’ needs and provide them with a fully functioning system.


Simply put, we should be very agile with minor to moderate changes and then move to more formal methods for more complex adjustments.  This dual approach is how we make Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations fast, flexible and uniquely suited to our customers’ needs.


If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, contact our experts at iNECTA. 800-632-0573


By iNECTA, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Gold Certified Partner


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