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Have you ever streamlined your business processes with new technology and said, "I sure miss the manual, paper-based processes that we used to have in place!"? Probably not. Companies that embrace digital transformation and rethink the way they are managing and automating information see dramatic changes in accuracy, productivity and visibility.

However, data shows that many organizations are still managing important information on paper and managing it manually.  Not only that, but many of these organizations are still using paper even if they've integrated a content management system of some kind. When information is coming in through both electronic and paper channels, some companies continue to manage the information separately. In fact, according to a study by AIIM, a handful of organizations actually print their electronic information collected by their automated document management solution to file with the physical paper copies.

Wait, what?

As providers of document management software, we often ask ourselves what prevents companies from going fully paperless, especially when they have a paperless solution in place. The answer is often the comfort that is associated with physical paper. AIIM makes the valid point that a company cannot simply adopt new technology and expect the workforce to completely embrace it and replace all of their previous procedures and processes at the flip of a switch. Incorporating and integrating software involves transition time, making sure that the people, the processes and the technology can work together as a seamless team.

Technology should support your company's workforce, allowing your employees to do their jobs more accurately and efficiently, while also supporting improved visibility. Your employees should also see a clear benefit in the transition from paper-based processes to automation.

We encourage companies to take a look at the current hard and soft costs of paper processing and storage to see where money, efficiency and visibility is being lost and consider making the full transition to digital.

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