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The Golden Triangle of ERP Value Maximization – A Year-End Reflection

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We all spend great amounts of time deep among the trees with our ERP systems. As we reach the end of 2017, it is a good time to take a big step back and look at the forest… in what ways might our ERP system deliver value for our business, and is it in fact doing so? Here at CSSI, we’ve spent over 25 years as a partner supporting users of Microsoft Dynamics GP with the mission of aiding their ERP value maximization. We’ve seen all manner of companies utilizing ERP with the goal of operating and improving their businesses. Across many sizes of businesses, and my industries, there are common points of value attainable through ERP, which we might refer to as a ‘Golden Triangle’:

Golden Triangle of ERP Value Maximization

  • Cost control – a properly implemented ERP system provides a level of visibility and control which is simply not otherwise possible in a complex modern business. Can you get granular in your understanding of profitability by SKU? Can you confidently understand costs, and their impact upon your bottom line? Do you understand where you are adding cost versus adding value in your internal processes?
  • Cash flow – Cash is king, as they say. We won’t be in business long without it. How effective is your ERP system in enabling you to effectively control, maximize and predict cash? Are you in control of your inventory, able to identify and minimize slow movers? Are you able to effectively manage your collections process? Are you able to actively involve yourself in controlling your cash cycle?
  • Customer experience - And here is the holy grail. Ultimately, our businesses succeed or fail based on whether we create positive customer experiences. Are shipments on time? Are the right products shipped, to the correct quality standard? Do we understand the scope and history of the customer, so that we might better serve him or her in the next interaction? Are we able to ‘see around corners’ and prevent problems which haven’t yet occurred?

Regardless of which ERP system you currently utilize, it makes sense to question whether you can track your improvement efforts back to one or more of these three points on your path to ERP value maximization. How effective is your system today, and more importantly, is it more or less effective than it was at the beginning of 2017? Your business may be content with the status quo, but you should not assume that your competitors are content with theirs! As you transition into 2018, think about the ways in which your ERP can assist you in polishing your golden triangle!

By CSSI – certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

CSSI has over 25 years of experience supporting Microsoft Dynamics / Great Plains ERP users in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. CSSI works with GP users in a broad range of industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, construction, hospitality, healthcare and education. CSSI’s team of experienced GP and accounting professionals is complemented by teams dedicated to custom software development as well as auto ID (barcoding and RFID) and mobile computing technologies.

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