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Expediting your Incident Report (2017 Update)

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Follow the steps below to expedite your incident report.

Creating an incident report is a necessity when managing any of your software programs. Using the below steps will help you manage how and when you are creating and submitting incident reports.

  1. Provide detailed steps on your incident report what you did before you encountered the problem (essential)
  2. Provide screenshots of the windows used and any error messages in the incident report
  3. If you can reproduce the problem, provide a Dexsql.log and more importantly, provide a Script log
    1. A Dexsql.log records all communication between Dexterity/GP and SQL Server
    2. A Script log records the Dexterity scripts called in their hierarchy and their parameters. Since our software is written in Dexterity, this can tell us a great deal about what is happening with respect to our software. Oftentimes, a Script log enables us to find exactly what part of our code relates to the problem.


Steps to Create Dexsql and Script Logs

  1. In Windows, go to the folder where "Dex.ini" is located; usually, it is in the "Data" sub-folder under the GP folder,
  2. Make a backup copy of "Dex.ini"
  3. Open "Dex.ini" in Notepad
  4. Add the following line anywhere under the [General] section:scriptDebugger=TRUE
  5. Save and exit "Dex.ini"
  6. Start GP
  7. You should now see a Debug menu on the main GP window as well as all other GP windows, beside the Help menu
  8. Perform all of the steps leading up to but excluding the step or process that is causing the problem
  9. Go to the Debug menu and choose Log Scripts
  10. Choose a location to save the file "Script.log" (feel free to change the file name, but keep the extension ".log").
  11. Perform the step or process that is causing the problem
  12. Go to the Debug menu and click on Log Scripts (which should have a check mark beside it to stop GP from adding to more to the log
  13. Exit GP
  14. Remove the additional line from "Dex.ini", change the value to "FALSE", or restore to backup of the original "Dex.ini"


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Written by Maria Louie, Binary Stream


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