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Direct Delivery Workbench

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AX 2012 and D365 Operation

The direct delivery workbench is available in AX 2012 and D365.  The simple single location to manage your direct deliveries work well to manage this work load.

You have 2 options to work with direct delivered items.

  • #1 would be to setup your item for direct delivery by setting both the vendor and the Direct delivery flag.  This will automatically create a purchase order when the sales order line is saved.

Released product window, this is controlled at the company level.

Here you can see the Purchase Order was automatically created.

  • #2 is to use the Direct Delivery button on the sales tab of the sales order.

When you use this option, you can direct delivery items that you stock and directly delivery.  Check the include box on each line to be direct delivered.  Then click OK.

You will receive similar notification of the Purchase Order Creation

Procurement and sourcing > journals> Direct delivery processing


The confirmation window shows you all the direct delivery Purchase orders that are waiting to be processed.  Review and confirm the delivery and price.  Click Confirm purchase order.  The purchase order will move to the next window, Delivery


Here you can receive the PO in without having to sort through all the other purchase orders in the system.

You have 2 options with the delivery of your Purchase Order.

Partial Receipt and full receipt

Partial receipt

  • Partial receipt will open the traditional window for PO receipts and you will need to fill in the Packing Slip and update the qty being received.

Full receipt

  • If you use the Full receipt the process is 100% automatic.  The system will add a system generated Packing Slip Number.

With all this functions there it makes managing direct delivery’s much easier.

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