ACE Microtechnology Celebrates 15 Years!

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This month  ACE is excited to be celebrating our 15th year Anniversary! This milestone marks more than just the accomplishment being measured in number of years. Rather, we will spend time to reflect upon the number of clients throughout the US and Outlying Countries we partner with and support.  By focusing on our core values, we have overcome many obstacles to growth that have crossed our path over the 15 years of solid growth.


 So where do I begin reflecting as President and CEO of ACE?  I ran a client list based on creation date and looked at the large number of clients that have been loyal to ACE and partnered with us for over a decade.  One of those clients happened to call today, so I asked the owner of Rossmore Management Group, Raj Patel if I could use him to tell our story, he replied “Absolutely, I love working with ACE” I was taken back a step by how quickly he responded without hesitation and I owe it all to the great group of consultants at ACE who are all so loyal and caring of our clients and their businesses.

Times have not always been easy at ACE as we have grown 100% organically since inception December 2002.  In 2008, during a downturn in our economy, I was faced with a tough decision.  I could either sell my share of ACE to another partner or buy my existing partner out.  Those were a tough 5 years at ACE but with perseverance and all hands-on deck, we succeeded and have been blessed experiencing 30+% growth year over year since the buyout was completed.

In closing, my prescription to success equals; “Go with your gut, always do the right thing and good things will show in the results,” Susan Looby, President.

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