Are you Ready for the New Year and New Version of Dynamics GP?

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With a New Year and a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP on the way, what better time for a FREE product from Rockton!?


Would you like a little help with your next upgrade, new workstation or even product install?  Rockton’s Version Pro will do just that. Version Pro allows easier maintenance and version control over multiple 3rd Party products on multiple workstations on your Microsoft Dynamics GP network, and it’s FREE!


With thousands of after-market solutions available for Dynamics GP, it is inevitable that your site has several additional products installed on each and every workstation using Microsoft Dynamics GP. In fact, common elements such as SmartList, HR, Fixed Assets, Collections Management, and other Dynamics GP integrated solutions distributed by Microsoft require their own installation and unique product dictionary.


This means that you, as a network administrator need to keep track of each and every product version for all workstations on your network.


Version Pro is designed to keep track of each product you have installed at a system level, and it takes the next step in ensuring that every workstation on your network is on the same version for every product. This is critical to managing your network: if one user is using an outdated version of one product, data corruption and downtime can result.


Version Pro verifies upon login that all products required by the system are loaded and are on the current version. Optional email notification and logging of incorrectly configured workstations is ideal for centralized management and control. System administrators can force users to exit the system when they are not operating with the correct products or versions loaded.


Getting started with Version Pro is easy, click here for step by step instructions, complete with a how-to video.


For more information about Rockton Software, Version Pro, or our entire Dynamics GP Toolbox, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

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