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Reduce Costs with MEM+KwikPayables

Please join BinaryStream and ImageTag to learn how you can revolutionize your accounting processes and resolve many of the issues you face daily. With Multi-Entity Management (MEM), you can alleviate pains and take hundreds of hours off your routine accounting processes annually by consolidating all your GP companies into one powerful database. You’ll also be able to:

• Streamline reporting processes across all of your companies
• Alleviate the pain of searching databases for invoices and vendors
• Easily process intercompany transactions such as due-to and due-from with ease
• Eliminate the month-end pains of miscoded transactions and accounts not balancing
• Save on added costs associated with database maintenance, upgrades, and installs

With ImageTag’s KwikTag for GP and KwikPayables you will reduce the costs of manual processes. In this webinar, learn how to build a successful business case for automation in processes like accounts payable, expense reporting, and file management. Here are just a few highlights:

• Attach documents directly to GP transactions in 80+ forms
• Route paper or digital invoices to non-Dynamics users online or in email
• Automatically create payables transactions with one click
• Provide visibility and access to all documents to your entire organization

And so much more! Don’t miss out!

Save Time with MEM+KwikPayables


Written by Maria Louie, Marketing Specialist, Binary Stream Software


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