Manufacturers Gain Competitive Advantage with ERP

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Successful manufacturers have long relied on modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to gain a competitive edge. The ability to capture and analyze data is essential to managing resources, responding to customer needs and driving profits. Information technology continues to advance, providing manufacturers new opportunities to work faster, smarter and improve the customer experience.

A modern ERP solution provides businesses with a strong starting point toward capturing, analyzing and sharing information. By connecting the people and processes across your enterprise, you can begin to harness the power within your data and information. Download “Streamlining Manufacturing Operations Using IT,” a white paper, to see how manufacturers are able to develop enterprise-wide communication and coordination and capture real-time data with precision.



Benefits to Using a Strong ERP Solution

After replacing aging legacy systems or inefficient specialty software with an integrated ERP solution, manufacturers will reap great rewards, such as:

  1. Rapid response times: When using disparate specialty software, a change order or last-minute request creates chaos. By integrating processes with an ERP solution, manufacturers can streamline the order process, check the status of inventory or production, and respond faster to changes in operational activities or customer demands.
  2. Improved on-time delivery: Quick access to customer-centric information improves the customer experience at every touch point. Sales and customer services teams can review historical or current orders, check on the status of a job in progress, and immediately respond to customer questions or demands.
  3. Better resource management: Insight into financials, inventory, production, and other core information promotes stronger data-driven decisions. Control spending, reduce waste and manage labor resources that contribute to the productivity and profitability of your business.

Improved interaction: Armed with reliable, real-time data, your leaders will improve business relationships throughout the supply chain and with customers. Working closer with suppliers ensures you will have the inventory needed to satisfy customer demands. In addition, delivering a positive customer experience will increase retention rates.

As noted in the white paper, ERP can reduce operational and administration costs by 23% and 22%, respectively. A cloud-based ERP solution further enhances the benefits of ERP beyond accessing and sharing data. The cloud connects machines, materials and people in real-time delivering even greater insights that manufacturers can leverage to their competitive advantage. Download the white paper and contact Techminds Group for more information about gaining a competitive edge with an ERP solution that can support your unique business operations and strategic goals.



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