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Subscription Billing for AX (Mass Archive/Billing Schedule)

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Did You Know...

To archive several billing schedules simultaneously, use the Mass Archive Process form found through Modules > Advanced Recurring Contract Billing > Periodic tasks > Mass archive process.

To archive a billing schedule (process):

  1. Specify the Billing end date
  2. If you want to further restrict the records that appear in the line grid, click select to add other criteria to restrict the records.
  3. Select any records you do not want to archive, and click remove.
  4. Click OK.

If you just want to archive a single schedule, use the Billing Schedule form.

For GP, follow a similar procedure except using the Archive Billing Schedule Utility form located through Tools > Utilities >Adv. Recurring Contract Billing > Archive schedule.


Written by Scott Pledger, Binary Stream Software



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