Senior and Long-term Care Facilities Avoid Growing Pains With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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With growth, often comes growing pains. Businesses that expand into new areas, make acquisitions and grow operations are easily hindered by outdated business management technology. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that legacy systems don’t offer the flexibility or room for growth and change like their more modern counterparts. Manual tasks, data silos, and disconnected systems aren’t a good combination. Avoid these and other common growing pains by positioning your business for success.

Connect People, Processes and Data to Support a Growing, Successful Organization

A comprehensive, integrated solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the support you need to manage a growing senior and long-term care organization. As suggested in “6 Proven Ways Senior Care Organizations Maintain Profits During Times of High Growth,” connect your people, processes and data to improve productivity, reduce waste, and highlight the key information needed to guide your business to success.

Here are six benefits that you will realize with a strong, connected business management solution.

  1. Manage multi-entity finances: You cannot efficiently or accurately manage multiple senior and long-term care facilities while using multiple different systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a more robust business management solution that each site can use to manage location-specific information. Then, you can roll up that information to monitor the performance of your organization as a whole.
  2. Integrate multiple, disparate systems: With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can monitor and report on all business processes, from financial activities to inventory management to resident care and services. A centralized solution streamlines operations, improving productivity as well as profitability.
  3. Strengthen compliance activities: Inaccurate data could lead to troubles with local and state regulatory agencies. Be prepared for an audit or health department visit by managing data in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  4. Centralize member and resident information: Maintain member and resident information for each facility within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Connected member data makes it easier for employees to respond to resident needs, improves billing accuracy and provides residents and loved ones with confidence in your facilities.
  5. Streamline inventory management: Take advantage of economies of scale and control inventory purchases across your enterprise. Gain a high-level view of inventory management by putting controls in place to improve purchasing decisions and reduce waste.
  6. Improve collaborative care and program services: Provide the care residents need and maintain a 360-degree view of resident relationships with Microsoft Dynamics GP. With current, reliable data at their fingertips, employees can fulfill each resident’s individual needs efficiently and accurately.

Business growth tests the limits of many common business management systems. Before growth is halted in its tracks and profits become threatened, replace these disparate solutions with a single, more powerful business platform. Download the eBook and contact Socius for guidance with replacing outdated, legacy business systems with Microsoft Dynamics GP, a solution that can support and nurture continued growth.

By Socius, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based out of Ohio

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