Return Data 83% Faster in GP with SmartFill

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 by Zac Richards

SmartFill, developed by Rockton Software, is a google-style search tool that returns data 83% faster than traditional lookups within Dynamics GP. This 3rd party tool helps you reduce data duplication by quickly finding Customer, Vendor, Account or other records by allowing you to search part of a record’s name, ID or any related information. Just type in whatever you know into the search bar, even if it’s only a few letters of a name or part of an item ID. SmartFill will quickly generate a list of matches right in front of you. You will even see similar items that might have typos so you don’t enter anything twice. Find exactly what you need without the headaches by using SmartFill.

5 ways SmartFill will upgrade your GP lookup experience:

  • Quickly find nearly anything in Dynamics GP AND your third-party products with one GP add on
  • Enjoy 4,000 pre-defined lookups or customize your own snap
  • Choose from filtered lists when you have more than one match
  • Eliminate duplicate entries with results that include similar items and typos
  • “Begins with” and “Contains” lookups require minimal information to find what you need

Priced at only $210 per user, SmartFill is one of the best value search tools currently available for Dynamics GP.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at [email protected].

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