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Do you have users that never log out of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system?

Most users and GP Admins respond with a 'YES'! The good news is that there’s a tool to help quell this all too common nuisance, the Inactivity Timeout tool. It works just like it sounds, automatically logging out users if they are inactive for a pre-defined amount of time.


Here are a few ways this tool can help your team:


Enable Users to log into Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Using the Inactivity Timeout tool can help when there is a need to lower your Dynamics GP FULL User Type count or the count has already been lowered.
  • The enabling and easy setup of the tool will aid in logging Users out of the system that are no longer active in Dynamics GP and allow for other Users to log into Dynamics GP.


Graceful logouts

  • You no longer need to reach out to your IT department to delete a User who has left for the day by removing their record in the ACTIVITY table.
  • Inactivity Timeout logs a User out of the system the same way it would if you were to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP | Exit or the Microsoft Dynamics GP Close button. For example, if the User is entering a new Sales Order or has made changes to an existing one but has not saved it yet, Dynamics GP will provide a message asking the User if they want to save their changes before the Inactivity Timeout tool logs them out of the system. This allows the work to still be saved instead of deleted.



  • User groups can be created and then added to the Inactivity Timeout tool to specify the following:
    • If the User Group should be included or excluded from the tool. For example, a NON-ADMIN group should be created for Users like sa and then marked as excluded from the Inactivity Timeout tool.
    • The minutes inactive before gracefully logging the users specified in the User Group will be logged out of the system.
    • Schedule when the Inactivity Timeout is active or inactive for the User Group.
  • Specify a default minutes inactive before timing out for all Users not specified in a User Group.


To learn more, here are a few links to Inactivity Timeout KB articles. For more KB articles, click here.


The Inactivity Timeout tool is included in Rockton Software's Dynamics GP Toolbox, a collection of 27 tools in one add-on product. For a free 30-day trial, please contact our sales team at




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