Avoid checks getting stuck in printers during humid weather

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During the time of year when the humidity is higher than usual (varies by location)... paper starts to get stuck in the printers. We just had some huge batches of checks get stuck at two of different customer locations the other day. (of course it never happens when it is just 2 or 3?)!


Hint 1 – This comes from my 4 years as a department secretary for work study in college

Remind customers who call and have had this problem that when it is humid out it helps to fan the check stock before placing it in the tray (it separates the pages to avoid double-feeding... often this is what is causing the jams.


Hint 2 – Set a batch back so you can reprint – you can use BCHSTTUS of 110 – rather than setting back to 0 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/852420/batch-status-


Hope you found this useful!


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By Deb Sletmoen, MCT, Implementation Specialists – Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Partner with Advanced ERP Competency and Source Code Provider

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