Work Stuck in Warehouse Management

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Ever use Warehouse Management and experience Work getting stuck on the mobile device? There are many reasons why this can happen, and getting them unstuck can be tough. I recently came across a few scenarios where I was to get these works completed by setting up a menu item on the mobile device to continue the work. You should always try to resolve the issue in the work first, but if the work is truly stuck then try this option


1. Create a new Mobile device menu item called “continue work”

2. Check the box for use existing work

3. On the Mode dropdown select work

4. Set up the general tab with your required settings

5. Add in your work classes

6. Add this menu item to your Mobile Device Menu (I put it under one I’ve called Inventory)

7. Log in to your mobile device and select the continue work option

8. Enter your work ID and process the stuck work







Hope this helps!!


This article was written by Laura Scott, Consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea Partners is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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