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eCommerce - Future of Mobile eCommerce

So, what’s Mobile Commerce? It’s the next phase of eCommerce shopping. If you've been buying and selling products or services via internet and PCs, mobile phones are the future for online shopping portals. Mobile Commerce involves promotional activities and online purchases. Your eCommerce needs to be tailored and optimized for the online mobile shopping experience. Studies reveal that over 64 percent of people will use mobile devices in 2019. Mobile traffic is also increasing day by day and companies are working hard to benefit from this trend. Smart watches and smart glasses might be the future of eCommerce in coming years. And don't forget about Artificial Intelligence agents. They are the engines that work on the smart devices that are available today. They interpret users' actions and present appropriate products, content or features to them.  

How Mobile Commerce is different from the usual


Mobile Commerce presents great features like bar code scanning, quick searches, graphics, photographs and price comparisons etc. right at your fingertips. For sure, mobile Commerce will take over the usual eCommerce features as it is convenient and helps users to make purchases effectively. Also, the latest features such as augmented reality and interactive visual content has been implemented to better serve customers and help them have the best shopping experience. These latest innovations work perfectly for both sellers and customers by enhancing the buying experience with digital tools they use every day.

How Mobile Commerce is going to change the

current eCommerce business strategy

The eCommerce business has been bringing lots of changes and enhancements each day. The same is the case with Mobile eCommerce. Mobile Commerce has been changing the eCommerce business drastically in the following ways:
  1. A perfect Time Saver
Today, the following features are embedded to your mobile app:
  1. Mobile Payments.
  2. Money Transfers via secure mobile banking.
  3. Online shopping via mobile apps or mobile web.
  4. Perfect info about data use.
  1. User convenience
The latest mobile Commerce framework allows users to easily choose/search inventory price and information. Users can also check for the available stock, place their order and check their order status directly from their mobile devices!
  1. Speed
According to your experience, which one works faster? Mobile Commerce Shopping or web eCommerce shopping?When shopping through your mobile devices, you could be engaged in other activities too, right? You might get calls or text messages in between – this is where your shopping experience is supposed to be as quick as possible. Recent studies show that 57 percent of users will leave your mobile application if they have to wait for more than three seconds for it to load. If your mobile eCommerce application does not deliver the desired results time, you could miss out an important transaction. Therefore, it is important to build your eCommerce mobile applications with consistent speed and performance in order to to generate greater business volumes.
  1. Smart CRM and Marketing systems
You definitely need a Customer Relationship Management system to manage customer records and to boost your customer database. Compared to the usual CRM solutions, we have Mobile CRM and Social CRM coming up with advanced features to better serve customers. For example,  x2x eCommerce it has got  perfect eCommerce Marketing features such as SEO, keyword based search embedded within the solution. Therefore, eCommerce businesses should consider investing in CRMs and solutions like x2x-eCommerce which are compatible with their business environments and compliment their mobile Commerce.
  1. User Engagement and retention
Mobile Commerce helps you to send personalized information such as push notifications to your users.  Grab their interests by sending out discount or special offers via mobile application. With the help of consumer behavior analysis,  sending push notifications/updates to the desired user audiences will bring in more sales (When the right content reaches the right user at the right time!)

How mobile Commerce impacts on retailers?

Due to the current trends, smartphones and wearable devices are going to have an impact on retailers and it’s going to be severe! Retailers have been communicating with their customers directly (face to face or via online shopping portals). With the increase in online retailers these days, webstores like eBay collect customer details on orders booked by them however, the retailers do not always have access to such data and if  it is available to them, they may be prohibited from using these details for marketing purposes. Mobile devices and wearables are moving at a higher pace. When users place an order using the intelligent agents, brands or retailers becomes less important. Consumers will ask the intelligent agents to make searches. As they do with Microsoft Teams or Skype, users can chat with chatbots to book travel tickets or hotels; you can do the same in eCommerce portals too!
  1. Check for cheap mobile phones with a budget of $200.
  2. Add Dr. Pepper Cola to my shopping cart.
  3. Add Doritos Cheese to my shopping cart.

x2x eCommerce and its integrated Mobile Commerce

x2x eCommerce is an add-on module which adds new features to Microsoft Dynamics GP and to Magento eCommerce to make them fully compatible and able to seamlessly integrate with each other. With the increasing adoption of mobile, your customers are now capable of viewing and searching the products and placing their order from their smartphone. Provide device specific media capabilities for audio and video, user friend searches and clean user-friendly display of results. Do you want to see x2x eCommerce in action? Get in touch with our experts today at info@x2x-ecommerce.com today! by x2x eCommerce

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