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How to Clear the Management Reporter Report Queue

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    Do you know how to clear the management reporter report queue?

    When the Management Reporter (MR) – Report Queue gets full you will periodically need to clear the queue.


    Although within MR you have the ability to review the Queue Status: [Tools >> Report Queue Status]


    It does not give you the access to clear or reset the Queue.


    To clear the Queue, you will need to log into the SQL Management Studio with administrative privileges.

    1. Open a New Query
    2. Point to the ManagementReporter database
    3. Then in the New Query section type the following query


    USE ManagementReporter



    1. Exit SQL Management Studio


    Log back into MR and check the Report Queue Status [Tools >> Report Queue Status]


    The screen should be clear of all data.


    This article was written by Dean Anderson, consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea Partners is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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