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Binary Stream

Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Multi-Entity Management Bridge – PART 2

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Did you know...

  • The Multi-Entity Management bridge Master Records Setup includes roll down functionality which allows you to create the trail on which record sharing between entities occurs. Within this record sharing process there are options to exclude certain due to and due from capabilities for companies when connecting between entities.
  • MEM Bridge provides the opportunity to exclude certain record sharing from occurring. There are 3 main records you can choose from: vendors, customers and items but you can also drill down to specific fields within those entities to exclude individual fields. You will only need to select the check boxes for fields you want to exclude and click ok for these fields to be excluded.Make sure to repeat these steps for each line you add and for each unique records sharing of due to and due froms you require.To find this section:Tools > Setup > Multi-Entity Management > Intercompany Bridge > Master Record Setup > Vendors/Customers/Items expansion button.


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