What is Microsoft AppSource

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Apple offer apps through their Apple app store which allows millions of people to download and use various types of apps for personal and business use. Microsoft provides two types of Apps in AppSource:

1) Apps

2) Solution Apps


Apps are extensions used for existing Microsoft products and Solution Apps are like third-party vendor or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications. Many software vendors, Microsoft Partners and developers can reach a wide range of customers of various industries publishing your apps on the AppSource.


Personal apps such as The Weather Channel, Uber, Pandora and Twitter are available for free on the Microsoft Apps Store. Business apps such as Power BI, SK Global Banking & Treasury Automation, DocuSign, Warehouse Automation, Profifox, Fastpath Assure and ChemAXpree are available through Microsoft AppSource.


For all you Guru developers, AppSource also has a platform for open source developer technologies.


You can submit your app to the Microsoft AppSource team and they will validate that your solution meets the review guidelines.


Technology changes at a rapid rate and guidelines are no exception.

  • Here are a few basic guidelines to get started:
  • Your app must be easy and quick to setup and configure.
  • Customers must be able to use your app for a free limited time.
  • Provide a customer support link.


Have fun developing and publishing your App!


Click here to see the App Review Guidelines


This article was written by Osei Owusu, a Consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea Partners is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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