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Updating Report Headers in Management Reporter

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 by Briley Acker, CPA

Formatting report headers and footers in Management Reporter offers organizations an opportunity to create sleek and clear financial statements, which should minimize or eliminate the formatting work to be done post print.

Some key features include the ability to insert AutoText and images.

Inserting AutoText allows a user to call on company and unit data, as well as date text, and report output information: such as the page number for multi-page reports or output file path name for storage reference.

This provides report designers with the flexibility to display more than the company name and date. Unit names and descriptions set in the reporting tree can be displayed in report headers as well. This dynamic setting is great for reports that are run for various units using a tree, which allows the header or footer in each report to uniquely refer to the unit(s) represented in the financial statement.

As previously stated, the Headers and Footers section within Management Reporter also provides users with the option to bring in the date into the report layout. This includes the number of periods covered, which allows users to describe the number of months included in an activity-based report such as an income statement or statement of cash flows.

The date settings can call on the report date and can also be used as a means of placing a timestamp for when the report was printed in the header or footer.

*If your report date in text form is displaying the day of the week in the title, you may need to adjust your Long Date format in your Regional Settings on your Control Panel

Beyond customizing the text fields that are brought in, report designers can also format this text using the standard layout ribbon which has functionality standard in Microsoft Office products.

Finally, headers and footers of reports can also be spruced up with the addition of company logos and images, which can be added by selecting the “Images” button and then browsing to a local image file. .bmp, .jpg, and .png file types are supported.

Formatting headers and footers on financial statements can enhance a financial statement package with a consistent theme that is systematic and explanatory as well as aesthetically appealing for all report users.

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