Turning your GP Home Page into Home Base

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With Microsoft Dynamics GP being front and center daily, it is important to utilize your Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page. The benefits of the Home Page can be extensive. Let’s look at the different areas available so you can make the most use of them starting today!


To Do

Instead of writing notes on Post It notes or in several other applications that are not front and center, start using the editable To Do section of the Home Page. You can create shortcuts to SmartList reports and restrict them when they appear. Tasks are available for you to customize for your specific needs, and you can get workflow notifications!


This is also a great way for you to stay on task by reviewing what your top priorities are throughout the day.


Quick Links

Reduce daily navigation clicks by adding the specific windows, reports, web pages, and/or external programs to Quick Links. Utilizing links will save you time every day going forward.



  • Be notified about new builds, service packs, payroll updates, and hotfixes.
  • Get to CustomerSource and the Community with one click.
  • Stay in the know with Microsoft Dynamics GP News.
  • Continue your education by reviewing the latest posted blogs.  General information for businesses on what’s new in the latest builds of Dynamics GP are also available.


Time Management

Finding your HR information can be difficult especially when you aren’t looking for it on a daily basis. In this section, there are links to help you get personal information such as your time for a pay period, and view your paystub, direct deposit information, W2, etc. There are also links to update your Skills and Training.


Project Time & Expense

This section on the home page is awesome because it is a quick click to enter and/or view your timesheets and expenses. Again, having these links at your fingertips saves you a lot of time and is a good reminder to get the information entered.


Business Analyzer

Utilize Business Analyzer to get an clear visual of your most important data. Seeing just numbers can be bland, but adding a graph or pie chart makes it more appealing and easier to make a quick analysis of what is going on in your company.


My Reports

Add your most important reports to the My Reports section for ease of viewing/printing the data you need to review. For example, go to the Sales page. Click SmartList Favorites in the Navigation Pane. Select a report from the list of SmartList Favorites, and then click Add to in the My Reports section.



This section gives you a quick look at your Purchase Requisitions to see which ones are saved, ready for purchase, and provides a shortcut on creating a purchase order from the ones available for purchasing.


Now that you know what each section of your GP Home Page actually does, I hope you’ll begin to leverage it as your home base! We’re always looking for ways to make your work simpler & easier in GP, and utilizing the home page for quick access to your most visited locations is a great place to start.


These tips brought to you by Angela Melhus, Technical Support Team Lead, and the entire Rockton Software support team. Rockton Software is a Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on provider, check out our entire product suite here!

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