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TIP Sheet – Deleting a Dynamics GP User ID

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    How to Delete a Microsoft Dynamics GP User ID


    Ever go into Dynamics GP to delete an active or inactive User ID and get the “Deleting the Login failed for an unknown reason.  Contact your SQL Server administrator for assistance” error?


    Not very descriptive.  So you go back in figuring you forgot to:

    1. Release the User Access to a company
    2. Left the Enforce Password Policy checked


    Just to find out that wasn’t it.


    You go into SQL under sa, figuring “I’ll just delete the SQL User in Security, oops, the User ID isn’t listed.


    Very frustrating.  There are a number of scripts that can be used, however the most effective that I’ve found is below.

    1. Open a New Query
    2. Point to the DYNAMICS database


    Create a new SQL Script, In this script the <User_name> is the Dynamics GP User ID.

    DELETE DYNAMICS..SY01400 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'
    DELETE DYNAMICS..SY60100 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'
    DELETE DYNAMICS..SY10500 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'
    DELETE DYNAMICS..SY10550 WHERE USERID = '<User_name>'


    Just type the User ID between the ‘  ‘ marks and execute.


    When you log back into Dynamics the User ID will be gone.


    This article was written by Dean Anderson, Consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea Partners is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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