I Have Seen Dynamics GP Reinvented

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I just had the opportunity to see Microsoft Dynamics GP…. Reinvented! It is called PowerGP Online.

PowerGP Online is Dynamics GP Powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is the same base product, Microsoft Dynamics GP, which I have loved for decades. But with customizations that make it even better.

I believe it is Dynamics GP Reinvented.

Some of the very best and brightest people in the Dynamics GP community, have taken all of the wish list items, all of the favorites and customizations they have seen done by customers, and things they have wanted to be done by Microsoft, and built them into this new product, PowerGP Online.

True Cloud Solution

It has always been very difficult to think of Dynamics GP as a true web enabled system. Even though Microsoft, for the last three or four versions have indicated that you can run web client, you really can’t because there are so many pieces of Dynamics GP that are still not web ready.  For example, Management Reporter, which can not run in web client.

PowerGP Online, running on Azure, takes the best parts of Dynamics GP and replaces other parts that can not run online, so you end up with the only 100% SaaS based Dynamics GP system. I feel it can compete with any of the other web-only solutions out there.

This is the easiest way to run Dynamics GP in Azure. 100% web client, no remote desktop.

Pre-Built Configurations for Easier Setup

When you think of a web solution, you think of being able to get that solution up and running quickly. A number of solutions out there today offer out of the box configurations. PowerGP Online has added functionality that makes Dynamics GP faster and easier to set up and use. Features that all of us have wanted for a long time.

For example, uploading master files.  Simply having the ability, on the screen itself, to click a button to say, "I want to upload this master file." You can literally just upload it and then go to the next function.  When you think of that same process with standard Dynamics GP you have to go to integration manager and figure out how to do the mapping.

Or initial setup files, that are already included in the system.

This is going to also lower the cost of implementing the product, compared to a traditional product.

Popular Tools Already Included – Bundled In Customizations

The team behind PowerGP Online has worked with literally thousands of Microsoft Dynamics GP implementations over the years. They have seen what users want. They know what add on tools get installed time after time on every project.

So they decided to take all the favorites and add it into the base product. So everyone can have them up front. For example, Rockton SmartFill. The tool that makes it faster and easier to search for text within Dynamics GP. The power pivot tables that were so helpful to many customers have been put into the standard system too so they don’t have to be recreated each time. eOne SmartList Builder, Jet Reports, Nodus Credit card processing. None of these are a separate add on, they already include in PowerGP Online.

Even GPUG membership is included for all users.

These are the little surprises that I think make this new offering something worth looking at.

You Can’t Have It All

With the PowerGP Online offering it is true that you can’t get ALL the functionality that you can right now with Dynamics GP and the almost 500 plus ISV add on tools.

There are some pieces that have had to be replace in order to make it a web solution. For example, Management Reporter is not web enabled. So PowerGP Online users Excel Reporting. And a favorite tool of ours, SalesPad, is not available in a true cloud offering.

Because of that, PowerGP Online won’t work for every company. But I still think a very large segment of the market is covered.

Why Reinvented?

PowerGP Online is the same base Dynamics GP product under the hood but with new features, new ways to do financial reports and the ability to get at information from mobile platforms.

That is why I truly feel that this is Dynamics GP….. Reinvented.

If you are ready to see PowerGP Online, contact CAL Business Solutions. [email protected] or 860-485-0910x4.

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By George Mackiewicz, President, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner, www.calszone.com


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