Landed cost automation makes international expansion more manageable

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Taxes can be a complicated topic for many businesses, even when a company operates in just a few states or regions. Understanding the differences in local, state and federal sales taxes can be difficult, but such efforts pale in comparison to managing the complexities of international taxes and tariffs. With so many different rules, methods and approaches used internationally to tax purchases and incorporate fees for foreign goods, managing these costs is far from easy to say the least.

Companies that want to expand internationally or make current global growth efforts more efficient need an effective method to manage landed cost - the total price a company faces delivering a good to a customer in a foreign country. Calculating those costs manually means the potential for significant and costly errors.

The TM Group, Inc. and independent software vendor Avalara recently announced a free resource for organizations interested in learning about the many benefits of automating landing cost concerns, a white paper called "5 Reasons to Automate Landed Cost." The advantages of automatically calculating landed cost through ERP or CRM solutions have never been more important than in today's market, where eCommerce allows organizations large and small to make sales across the world. Learn more!

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