3 ERP Implementation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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ERP systems create opportunities for your organization to save time and money while leveraging your resources effectively. But for it to accomplish these things, you need to prepare to use the system well. Without proper ERP implementation, the best software in the world will not get you the results you want. Avoid these implementation mistakes to give your organization a chance to succeed.

1. Lack of Preparation

You need to lay the proper groundwork to set yourself up for success. If you pick an ERP solution based on a sales pitch and a dream, you risk missing out on the best option for your company. Take the time to research available software and vendors before you jump into the wrong relationship.

Moreover, failure to develop and train your team to work with your ERP system puts you behind the eight ball from the beginning. You need to develop a group of employees who will focus on your ERP implementation and processes to ensure a smooth transition.

2. Incomplete Testing

To ensure a smooth transition into your ERP system, you need to test properly. You should set up a testing environment that allows you to not only simulate the functionality of your ERP software, but also its performance handling the full load that your organization will provide. All too often, testing protocols do nothing to prepare you for the weight of your full company on the software.

Further, failure to test the full functionality you will use can set you back significantly. Your testing needs to cover everything you expect to encounter when you go live. This helps you go in with a full head of steam so you don't hit setbacks at the outset of your program.

3. Inadequate Maintenance

Finally, ERP implementation serves as the beginning point for you. You need to purchase or develop a maintenance plan so you can move forward after you kick off. Look for a vendor who can troubleshoot from day one and help you gain the most from your ERP system. This gives you the best potential to get the results you need from your ERP setup.

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