Workplace Essentials: Mobile Service Application for Dynamics GP

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Workplace Essentials is a leading provider of restroom and workplace hygiene services to commercial businesses and public facilities. Their combined commitment to service and protecting the environment makes Workplace Essentials a unique player in the green initiative with their trustworthy service team and innovative no-touch products.

With multiple service teams on the road every day servicing many locations, Workplace Essentials needed a mobile service application that would ensure products and services will be on time by having an optimized route delivery solution with real-time updates to handheld devices in the field and in the dispatcher portal.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and KEY2ACT Service Management software are the backbone of Workplace Essentials’ software solution. Before Tidestone Solutions created a custom mobile service app and dispatch portal, Workplace Essentials was using KEY2ACT MobileTech, which was sufficient for a period of time. Over time the application became outdated, lacked key features that Workplace Essentials was looking for, and was built on a native Android app that required upgrades every time a new mobile device was purchased.

Tidestone developed a mobile website that could run on Workplace Essentials’ servers or in Tidestone’s YourCloud environment. Workplace Essentials chose to host the application internally. The main elements of the final solution included:

Mobile Application for Service Technicians

  • The ability to prep for routes by reviewing and picking inventory items needed for the route
  • Secure logins and technician specific route, stop, and service details
  • View and update or complete tasks
  • Communication mechanism back to dispatch in real time
  • Electronic signatures from the customer

Dispatch Portal

  • Secure logins for dispatchers
  • Ability to move stops, updates routes, change technicians
  • Communication to and from technicians

Integration to Dynamics GP/ Service Management

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Service calls marked as “Routed” and “Complete”
  • Routes, stops, inventory, tasking, and resolutions
  • Electronic signature acceptance

Emailing & Reporting

  • Emails containing the Route Sheet can be created and sent to the document management solution
  • Service call reports with notes can be derived from the system for reporting purposes

Workplace Essentials now has a current solution that uses modern technology that allows any handheld device to be used without complicated upgrades as new devices are purchased. Benefits of the new solution include:

  • Dispatchers can be agile and shift priorities as needed
  • Service technicians can be more efficient in the field with real-time information
  • Workplace Essentials has a scalable solution that can handle their growth and change
  • The process from start to finish is streamlined and requires less human intervention

To learn more about how Workplace Essentials’ process has improved with use of their custom mobile service application and dispatch portal, please contact Tidestone Solutions today at [email protected] or 207-956-6635.

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