Can distribution businesses capitalize on internal intelligence with cloud computing?

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Can Distribution Businesses Capitalize on Internal Intelligence with Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is fast-pacing the digital transformation journey of businesses like nothing ever in traditional business history has ever done before. This holds true for the distribution sector as well. Whether small or big, distribution companies are embracing the cloud adoption processes faster. Here is a Distribution Whitepaper that bares all that there is to the smart systems that can help the distribution businesses get a competitive edge.

There are many strengths that cloud services can deliver to an enterprise. Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Cloud Platform are leaders when it comes to offering multifaceted cloud solutions computing benefits to a distribution business. Some highlights are given as follows:




  • 360-degree view

Moving to Azure via subscription-based Dynamics365 has equipped enterprises to leverage the synergy of the front-end and back-end components of the distribution organization. A combination of cloud CRM and ERP solutions works towards optimization and synergy of sales, marketing, operations, customer service, financial functions. The result is the simplicity of use with greater insights.

  • Scalability

Cloud offers lightweight tools that can connect virtually to the data-centric servers from across the globe. They allow better collaboration with virtual counterparts across the organization. The availability of access across the world makes it possible to scale quickly with lower investments.

  • Connectedness promotes empowerment

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform equips a distribution system to empower its employees anywhere, at any time. So, the business can operate 24 * 7 from any part of the world. This mobility can be the greatest asset for employees and business partners alike. The centralized database with quick and instant access to inventory data, for instance, can help an employee deliver better information to a customer query. It also serves to motivate employees to increase their own work efficiencies.

Security aspects are well taken care of with the robust backbone of Microsoft cloud network. Sensitive information may be shared with key partners via tight access control, thus helping business expansion via multiple channel alliances.

  • Global truly

Microsoft solutions cut through multi-ethnicities. The offerings are global with the local avatars of the tools readily available and integrated into the mainstream business solution. Successful global transactions are ensured via multi-currency and multi-language versions for smooth communications and transparent financial dealings.

  • Deeper insight

With the power of real-time data pulled out via smart and simple OLAP tools, one can gain access to key analytics and business intelligence. A convenient report that can be generated periodically or on-demand, presented via easy-to-comprehend graphical analysis and charts, simplifies bookkeeping & monitoring. It also promotes forecasting and informed decision-making for achieving strategic business goals.

  • Smooth Order Completion

Shipping & packaging was never so streamlined before. The entire distribution chain can now be connected via the cloud without any manual intervention. This enables automated and faster order completion, based on accurate and up-to-date information that cuts across various systems. With the power of great scalability, this can translate into higher levels of phenomenal business success.

  • Balancing cost and value

Having deeper visibility on your inventory can help you plan and track your inventory more efficiently, closer to actual needs, based on forecasts that have higher accuracy. This is indeed a very desirable position for distribution business as inventory directly eats into huge pools of investments. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics enables distributors to operate with optimal levels of inventory, without compromising on their ability to meet demands of their customers.


Microsoft Dynamics is a full-blown suite of services for organizations that would like to make the most of this fast-paced transformation to the digital systems. From integration with legacy systems, to migration to leaner, cheaper, and smarter systems, both in-premises and on-cloud, to seamless flow of data across various components of a large enterprise network, Dynamics allows a holistic solution for distribution companies.  This promotes end-to-end transparency, smoother interactions, and seamless sharing of mission-critical data & information.


This detailed whitepaper shows how cloud computing can empower distribution systems towards business intelligence and smart ways of working. If you have been pondering over how to use this power to your advantage, we at Techminds would be only too happy to help you. We will understand your specific requirements and offer customised solutions that work best for you.


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