Simplifying Business the Dynamics 365 Way

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Traditional approaches to software are failing to keep pace with the accelerating rate of technology disruption, paving way for new approaches – approaches that simplify business processes and capitalize on IT spend at the same time. Of the many technologically competent products, Dynamics 365 stands apart; by unifying ERP and CRM platforms, and bringing together a unique set of intelligent capabilities, it enables businesses to carry out all their business tasks with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Dynamics 365

Manoj Nair, a Dynamics AX SME, walked us through the world of Dynamics 365 and helped us understand how Dynamics 365 is playing a major role in simplifying business. Let’s read through the excerpt:

Question: What role does Dynamics 365 play in overcoming the numerous challenges commonly faced by industries worldwide?


Even though businesses have been thriving since the beginning of IT, they have had to face a host of challenges – challenges that restricted them from making the most of their enterprise technologies. A majority of these systems are not complaint with CIA (Confidential Integrated Availability) of timely data and do not offer:

  • Seamless access to critical data
  • End-to-end enterprise visibility
  • Insight into customer needs
  • Outstanding application performance

Dynamics 365 overcomes several of these challenges by offering timely and seamless access to critical data that’s essential to make important business decisions. By unifying a bunch of applications and systems, it makes it easier for you to conduct day-to-day tasks, while giving you the visibility you need across your enterprise. The built-in intelligence offers the much-needed insight into your business, customers, and competition, enabling you to make strategic and timely decisions – resulting in exceptional sales, and profitability. Here’s an article we’ve written about business intelligence with D365 that you should read.

Question: How can organizations capitalize on their IT spend with Dynamics 365?


Tech spending has been on an all-time high. In 2016 alone, over 60 percent of medium-sized businesses increased their budget by an average of 17 percent! Allocating IT budget has never been easy, as CIOs have always been compelled to keep overheads low. However, keeping pace with progressing technology and simultaneously meeting the demands of increasingly technology-savvy users (and customers) within a budget is a herculean task. That’s where Dynamics 365 comes into the picture as it helps organizations make the much required move from a capex model to an opex model; using the cloud system, you can quickly and seamlessly smooth out cash flows over time and avoid expensive upfront long-term investments. Pay on a monthly and per user basis, and scale back or forward as and when you need, and limit your data center costs to the minimum.

Question: Can organizations maximize efficiency by using Dynamics 365?


Most definitely! You know, very often, organizations end up disbursing way too many resources (and money and time) in managing their core IT systems (and their projects) that restrict them from achieving their business outcomes. In addition, the disconnect between various applications hampers the ability to adapt to changing customer, business, and market needs. Dynamics 365 uses cutting edge automation technologies that help simplify data management and integration across apps and business processes. Through efficient project management and by accurately scheduling projects through interactive reports, and assigning the right people to the right projects at the right time, you can not only complete projects in time, but get faster return on investment, and deliver the desired outcomes. Using the unified cloud solution, you can maximize efficiency while improving customer service – a top must-do for most businesses.

Question: What about improving agility?


Reviewing internal data for business analysis is a massive task; if you don’t have insight into your market, you can never offer customers what they need. In a competitive world like today’s, quickly meeting customer needs is the top-most goal for every organization. Dynamics 365 helps you in fast-tracking your business performance and enables you to be responsive – just not to market trends, but also to changing customer needs. With a real-time view of all your numbers and data analytics (including accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory) you can identify trends and meet customer requirements in time. That’s not all; with predictive analytics and intuitive intelligence, you can make smart decisions and improve your business outcomes.

Work Smart with Dynamics 365

As Manoj pointed out, staying ahead of competition requires you to embrace new technological innovations and transform the way you conduct business. If you aspire to be a forward thinking organization, you need to embrace intelligent technologies like cloud, predictive analytics, machine learning, and Power BI – technologies that lie at the foundation of Dynamics 365. Whether it is improving customer response time, or capitalizing IT spend, maximizing efficiency or improving agility – Dynamics 365 offers operational brilliance that helps in simplifying business. Get insight into your customers’ needs, and visibility across your business to improve your decisions. Simplify data management and integration across apps and business processes and empower your employees. Get insight across your organization units and improve your time to market. With Dynamics 365, you can work smart to meet increasing customer expectations, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Manoj Nair
About the Author - Manoj Nair

Manoj Nair is a seasoned IT professional with over 12 years of experience in Software Consultancy, ERP Implementation, Testing, ISV Development & Client Management. He is a Senior Project Manager at Indusa and is responsible of managing various software programs through cross functional coordination.


Contibuting Author: Malavika Nityanandam

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