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Integration Manager – Credit Limit Error

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Credit Limit Error

Recently I ran into an issue with errors in Integration Manager when importing AR transactions. The error was that ‘The customer has exceeded their credit limit’. Although I did have the settings in IM set to override the Credit Limit, I still ran into this error for some (not all) customers. I did find that customers cannot be set to “no credit” or you will receive the error. Other than that cause, I was not able to determine exactly why this was happening other than a theory that because we were importing so many records, that it would fail for those whose transactions amounts accumulated greater than their overall credit limit.


While researching, I found that others have run into this issue as well, so I wanted to post a couple workaround that helped our situation.

  1. Break the data into multiple files so that smaller amounts are imported at once. This helps because it did seem to cause less errors – I believe because the total amount for any one given customer was lower. It also seemed to help because we could identify those that failed more easily.
  2. Create an integration that sets all customers to unlimited credit and then reverse the integration. This can be done by exporting a SmartList of credit limit data for customers. Use the data and set constants in the integration for Unlimited Credit. After running the import of transactions, update the integration to read the source data for credit limits, to set things back to how they were before.


Happy Integrating!


This article was written by Kaydee Baker, Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider.

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