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Important Upgrade Notice for Mekorma MICR

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by Zac Richards

Microsoft is currently in the process of releasing a Windows .Net 4.7 Framework update which has been reported to cause a functionality issue with the Mekorma MICR Software. Even if your Mekorma MICR Software is not currently experiencing technical issues, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your software now to avoid encountering this issue in the near future.

The two common behaviors you may encounter with the reported issue include:

  • Security warning stating users are not authorized to print out of checkbooks.
  • Warning: Unhandled object exception: The parameter is incorrect.

Not all Windows programs lists that have these KB’s installed name the .Net 4.7 Framework. Regardless, if any of the following KB’s are installed, guidelines for upgrading due to .Net 4.7 incompatibility would still apply:

  • KB3186497
  • KB3186505
  • KB3186539
  • KB3186568

The current builds released by Mekorma resolve these issues and support both Windows 10 and .Net 4.7 Framework. Please ensure all workstations using Mekorma are upgraded to the same build.

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