How Healthcare Companies Can Eliminate the Cost of Outsourced Payroll

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Processing payroll is especially complicated in the healthcare system. It is 24/7, with multiple shifts and pay rates. Many companies in this industry feel it is easier to just outsource payroll.

However, the cost of outsourcing payroll is shockingly high. Is it really the best option?

The real life experience of Church Homes, a Connecticut based non-profit healthcare services organization, proves that healthcare companies can save both time, and money, running payroll in house with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Especially now that Payroll functionality is included in the core Microsoft Dynamics GP licensing cost, with no additional fee.

Ruth Donahue, Controller at Church Homes explains the benefits of running Dynamics GP payroll:

Outsourcing Payroll Was Just Way Too Expensive

“More than 5 years ago we looked at outsourcing payroll to ADP. At that time we had 500-600 employees and the full ADP system with Payroll, Time and Attendance, and HR, was quoted to us at about $180,000 per year.  It was a really nice system but just way too expensive, and there would always be extra fees for special reports.  We looked at other systems too. Some were pricey, some couldn’t the handle 3rd shift rules we needed.  We stuck it out with what we had, and then Dynamics GP came along. We are so glad we waited.”

Processing Payroll Takes a Few Hours Instead of a Few Days

“We added Payroll functionality to Dynamics GP when it became free as part of the core licensing. In the past processing Payroll used to take a good two days start to finish. Now, it can be done in half a day or less. If everything balances it could be a few hours instead of a full two day process just to get the checks printed. As soon as Payroll is processed the Live Excel report is refreshed. So the rest of the team can look at it anytime without someone remembering to generate it and send it to them.”

Electronic Filing Saves Me So Much Time

“We use add-on tools such as Greenshades for tax filing and Integrity Data for ACA reporting, which integrates with our healthcare billing software. Filing 941s and generating W-2s and 1099s are now so much easier. Once we verify our totals, we just push a button. This saves me a lot of time.”

Read the full case study: Nonprofit Healthcare Facility Unlocks Financial Data with Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting

By using in the payroll system included in their Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system Church Homes is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  This money can be used to offer additional care and benefits to their patients.

Would your healthcare organization benefit from bringing payroll in house? CAL Business Solutions can help.

Review our client success stories and testimonials from VNA/Long Term healthcare facilities.

If you are evaluating new accounting software, or you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP and want to add Payroll, contact us at 860-485-0910 x4 or

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