Five Reasons GPUG Summit 2017 Will Be Even Better Than Last Year

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GPUG Summit has been getting bigger and better every year. Will this year be any different?

Last year GPUG Summit 2016 was kind of an anomaly because Microsoft used the event to debut Dynamics 365. This year GPUG Summit is back to the regular schedule; there is no big Microsoft announcement. It will be Academy, Academy, Summit, Summit, Summit for the week.

Bob McAdam, Vice President and General Manager of GPUG, explains FIVE reasons why GPUG Summit 2017 will be different, and better, than past Summit events.

1) Unique New Content, Fewer Repeat Sessions

“Content is KING at GPUG Summit each year. This year is not different. We always put out a call for proposals in the spring. The community puts topic ideas in the hopper of what they want to hear about or speak about. Then a planning committee is assembled and broken up by Session Tracks with an end user running each track. This year we had fewer ideas in the hopper, fewer submissions than in 2016. BUT the quality of the ideas submitted was really high. It was not just the same old topics from last year which sometimes occurs. I was really impressed. So much so that when the committees finished picking the sessions they wanted, there turned out to be very few repeats, which is unusual.

Of course a few of the most popular sessions will be repeated this year, for example Amber Bell’s GP Superhero session. But Amber tweaks it each year so that it's not the same. Similar to what Mark Polino did with his 50 Tips in 50 Minutes sessions that ran for many years.

This year we have almost exclusively new sessions across the board for the full three days, which I think is great because the more individually unique sessions we can present to attendees, the better. This year I think that percentage will be higher than it's ever been.”

2) Exciting Location

“People are excited to go to Nashville. The site selection committee at Dynamic Communities picked Nashville and I feel like they really hit a homerun because the general buzz in the community is really good.  The fact that the Gaylord Opryland hotel was full two or three weeks before the early bird deadline is kind of amazing since that place is so large.  We have more hotels listed on the site that are filling up.

On Thursday evening everyone will have an opportunity to take our shuttle bus from the hotel and venture out to downtown Nashville to spend an evening checking out all the restaurants and entertainment. It's a great area.  You got to see a lot of it during the Stanley Cup playoffs when the Predators and Penguins were playing a couple, three games in Nashville. But I digress…..

Clearly attendees are excited about Nashville and I can’t blame them. It's a fun city.”

3) Cross Over To Other User Group Sessions

“A big advantage of the UG Summit is that there are multiple events going on at the same time. GPUG, NAVUG, D365UG/AXUG, D365UG/CRMUG. If you purchase a GPUG Summit registration and you want to venture over to one of the other events, you are free to do that without paying a fee.

This year that means that you can also attend Dynamics 365 sessions, which is a hot topic for many organizations.

There is going to be Dynamics 365 enterprise edition content as part of the AXUG and CRMUG events. We will have some content around Dynamics 365 Business Edition for Financials. However, at GPUG Summit the focus is Dynamics GP all the time, soup to nuts. People who use Dynamics GP, who go to Nashville to get smarter on it, are going to get inundated for three days with that application and the related integrated tools.”

4) Sneak Peek at Dynamics GP 2018

“The usual Microsoft contingent from Fargo will be there, and Wednesday morning during the general session Microsoft has requested to speak for 60 of the 90 minutes. During that hour, they're going to give us a nice sneak peek at Dynamics GP 2018 which will come out later that quarter.

In Q4 of this year, Dynamics GP 2018 will make its debut and you'll get your first really good look at it at GPUG Summit 2017.”

5) Largest GPUG Summit Ever

“Our Early Bird registrations set a new record, so we are well on our way to the largest GPUG Summit ever. We had 1900 attendees last year. We have 1100 registered now. My guess is we will easily surpass 2000 attendees and maybe a couple hundred more. And of course we will have a packed expo floor.”

If you are a new or repeat attendee we feel confident you will be impressed by GPUG Summit 2017.

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