FAQ about Power BI for Dynamics GP

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Many of our customers are curious about Microsoft Power BI. Business Intelligence tools are extremely important in today’s business world. In order to stay competitive in your industry, you must have quick access to your key performance indicators (KPI’s) to make informed business decisions.

Some frequently asked questions about Microsoft Power BI are:

  • What is it? Power BI is a visual dashboard reporting tool that gives you real-time access to your KPIs from any data source.
  • How can you use it? You can use Power BI as a business intelligence tool by plugging in your most important data, creating reports, and publishing those reports to your dashboard for quick viewing; Tidestone Solutions can help you determine which reports would be most valuable for you, and can help you build your reports. A user license will give you access to your reports, and you can share your reports with others on your team.
  • Which KPIs are most helpful for your business? For your industry? This varies by industry, but Tidestone Solutions has experience in a variety of verticals and can help you discover your powerful KPIs.
  • How to build a Power BI report? Power BI offers easy drag and drop functionality that allows you to build your own reports. Tidestone Solutions can help you build your reports and will give you SQL views that allow you to build your own reports for Dynamics GP.
  • How to publish your report to your dashboard? Once a report is built in Power BI, you can choose whether or not to publish the report to your dashboard. This is a few simple clicks. You can also choose if you’d like to share the report with others in your organization.

For more answers to your Power BI questions, including cost, deployment in cloud or on-premise environments, and differences between Free, Pro, or Premium versions, contact Tidestone Solutions today at [email protected] or 207-956-6635.

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