Need for an eCommerce Store for Retailers

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Need eCommerce for Retailers

The increase in the need for an eCommerce store for the retailers is clearly seen from the fact that various medium sized retail businesses are adding the online storefront to augment their existing store setup. Most of all, large companies realize the importance of investing in an online platform rather than building brick and mortar stores.

Lower Operational cost to the Retailer

The advantage of owning an online business is the savings, from logistics and fixed cost, over running a retail store. eCommerce enables retailers to become more efficient and able to offer very competitive rates to their customers.

Better prices for the Customer

It isn't uncommon to see ‘web only’ prices on online stores. Prices go down corresponding to transportation and inventory costs. As a result, customers can often find better deals online!

Allows Consumers to Make Informed Decisions

Customers can take advantage of having product features, price, specifications and services comparisons with a click of a button in a single window!

This leads to less time, effort, and money spent by customers in finding what they are looking for.

Allows Sellers to Make Informed Decisions

Online stores facilitate the collection of customer data. This data is transformed into the profile of the typical customers, their likes and dislikes, their choice of products and services and their response to various promotions and discount offers. This provides valuable information to the Sellers enabling them to adjust their offerings according to the preferences of their customers.

Retailers can efficiently manage Business eCommerce and ERP Integration services

Maintaining and monitoring of inventory levels, data analysis and reports, automation of customer service, updating item data and other housekeeping activities are more manageable with eCommerce platforms integrated with ERP solutions. The bottom line is that it is cheaper and easier for businesses to establish and maintain an online store.

x2x eCommerce is an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Most of all, Microsoft Dynamics GP enables control and monitoring of financials, inventory and operations – for informed decisions that lead to business success. With an ERP Solution integrated to an eCommerce using x2x eCommerce, retailers can stay ahead of the competition.

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