Who Should You Have A Drink With At GPUG Summit?

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“Advanced Networking” is one of the most valuable parts of all Microsoft Dynamics events.  But the days, and evenings, go by fast so it is good to have a plan. Based on the popular question at the end of each Enterprise Software Podcast episode I asked six professional Dynamics GP event attendees, “Who would you recommend people have a drink with at GPUG Summit?”

I will start it off, Anya Ciecierski says:

  • Chris Dobkins from Njevity - Chris has a lot of very interesting opinions about the trends he sees in the Microsoft Dynamics channel and the industry, specifically relating to Cloud. The last time I talked to him I was fascinated by all the little tidbits  I learned. He has a long history with Dynamics GP and so much passion for the product. @chris_dobkins
  • Jen Kuntz from Kuntz Consulting – Personally I want to have a drink with Jen because we tweet all the time but I don’t think we’ve met face to face yet. But everyone else should seek her out because she is just a fountain of Dynamics GP knowledge and seems to have a pretty fun sense of humor. @jenkuntzGP
  • Thomas Garcia from ICON – Thomas works with Dynamics GP in Latin America and he has some great stories of emerging companies that are thriving because of GP. He loves to help, loves to brainstorm about how to get our community more connected. @tcxgarcia
  • Kim Peterson from Dynamic Connections – Kim knows everybody. If you want to know who to be connected with in the Dynamics world, ask Kim. And she is generally just a great lady, always nice to spend time with. @KimPetersonGP
  • David Gersten from Bond Consulting – Anyone who is primarily known as a “people connector” has to be a great person to know. Also interesting to ask him about the IAMCP. @dsgersten

Amber Bell says:

  • Belinda Allen from Njevity - Belinda always has good advice. Business and personal advice. She has worked hard to get where she's at in business and continues to learn. Every time I'm around her, she's really excited about something new in GP or PowerBI, and that is infectious. You want to learn something new too. @BelindaTheGPcsi
  • David Musgrave from Winthrop - David knows everything there is to know about GP and the guts of GP, because he's done it for so long. I always learn something from him. @WinthropDC
  • Miguel Lozano from TitaniumGP - He's passionate about making things better for GP customers, and that's what inspired him to start his company. He's open to ideas, and he's just genuinely a really nice person. @TitaniumGP

Rod O’Connor says:

  • Martin Olsen from eOne - Martin is hilarious and a lot of fun to talk to.  But above that, he has an amazingly insightful perspective on the industry at large and GP’s place within it. @Martin_eOne
  • Pam Misialek from Microsoft - Pam is great from an insider knowledge perspective.  Even if she doesn’t have a specific answer for you, either she knows the person who does or she’ll promise to dig into it for you – a promise she’s never failed to keep as far as I know. @PamMisialek 

Todd McDaniel says:

  • Andy Snook from Fastpath – Andy works with all the Microsoft products and others and he always has good liquor with him. @snookgofast 
  • Foy Mainor from Paramount – Foy has been in the channel a long time, seen lots of changes in partners and product. @FoyMainor

Darcy Boerio says:

Bob McAdam says:

  • Molly Fuchsel from Dynamic Communities - Molly is the GPUG chapter manager. GPUG chapters are growing rapidly and chapter leaders are very involved with GPUG as a whole. Molly is really driving the growth there and has done a great job getting her arms around GPUG. @MollyGPUG 
  • Ginny Lebeck from Dynamic Communities - Ginny is our member engagement manager for GPUG. Her job is to help members leverage their membership better. She’s only been with Dynamics Communities since the beginning of the year but she has really good experience working with other associations. People who want to find out how to get more out of their membership can learn a lot from Ginny. @GinnyLebeck

Of course, it is a great idea to have a drink with these six people too….especially if you are buying!

Darcy Boerio from DAB Partners @darcybo

Bob McAdam  from Dynamic Communities @4mcadam 

Todd McDaniel from Dynavistics @DynaTodd

Amber Bell from Training Dynamo @TrainingByAmber

Rod O’Connor from Briware Solutions @Briware_Rod 

Anya Ciecierski from CAL Business Solutions & ERP/CRM Software Blogs @AnyaCWMktg

Now you have 22 people to have a drink with at GPUG Summit.

Good luck with that!  Remember that sessions start at 8am….. Even if you don’t get a lot of sleep, I guarantee you will learn a lot from this group.

Check the GPUG Summit schedule. Connect with these people on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter, especially during the event. And even if you don't end up having a drink together you could end up being "Twitter friends" like Jen and I.

See you in Nashville!

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com


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